February 18, 2017: Better Than Greatest


Today’s Bible Reading: Leviticus 8-10Psalm 40Matthew 18:1-14Acts 25:1-12

Matthew 18:1-14:

The question “who is the greatest?” has plagued Christian communities—and indeed all communities—since the beginning. In our frail humanity and fallenness, we seek for significance in the wrong places. We try to be better, greater, greatest—we do not simply enjoy the thing for the beauty of it. If someone else has it too, then we want more, better, greater.

But what is the solution to such malaise? The first is to observe a little child. We are to have a childlike trust (not childishness but trustfulness) in God. And indeed we are not to despise others who do, or attack or hurt such little ones. If you are ever tempted to only want the next greatest thing, look at how much fun a child can have with one simple little toy. Or even better how much joy a child has in her father’s lap. That is what we are to be like with God.

In fact, that is what God is like with us. He goes and seeks for these little ones. So we can trust him, enjoy him. He is enough. In him, all our greater, better, greatest falls into insignificance beside the One who is—and who loves us.

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  • pameal neslon
    February 18, 2017

    Good words to soak in

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