October 7, 2017: Cleansing the Temple

Today’s Bible Reading: Jeremiah 14-15Ecclesiastes 5John 2:12-25James 3:13-18

John 2:12-25: 

Note: As we go through John’s Gospel together over the next few weeks, I refer you to fuller comments in my recently published commentary on John’s Gospel, as well as the recently published Bible study guide. In addition, at College Church we are currently working our way through John’s Gospel on Sunday mornings, and that will provide you with another take on the material.

Take, then, and read a full analysis of this section of John, and this morning simply reflect on the following bullet points:

  • Can zeal ever be wrong? How can we make sure that in our anger we do not sin?
  • What sign does the temple cleansing point to? Why do we need Christ’s resurrection power?
  • How does it help to be realistic about people? In what way does the biblical doctrine of the fallenness of man help us guard against unrealistic expectations?


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