Video: Seeing God and Us Through Romans

As we continue in our series “The Gospel of God” on Paul’s letter to the Romans, here’s a video discussing what kind of practical things we can take from the first 18 verses. If you’ve missed the first sermons in this series, you can find them here by searching for “Romans” in the search box. I’ll be preaching from Romans 1:18 this Sunday, January 26, and invite you to join us. ...

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For the Fame of God’s Name and in Honour of a Servant

John Piper is one of the most influential of his generation of evangelical leaders, and this month Crossway have come out with a ‘festschrift’ in his honour. The book lists a remarkable catalogue of friends and colleagues with whom Piper has collaborated over the years. And it is surely a testament to the way God has used John Piper that such a book could be put together. Josh the booster! Not being one of the contributors to this volume, I feel free to ‘boost’ it and commend it to others to read. Piper, of course, has had an influence on my spiritual journey (along with many other people), and I am particularly grateful for his preaching and writing. His book The Supremacy of God in Preaching is still one of my favourite books on preaching, and is I think a genuine classic, along with such tomes as Stott’s and Lloyd-Jones’s on preaching. I first heard him preach...

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