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Revelation 9: Fifth and Sixth Angel

John 17:20-26, Revelation 9, Job 33:12-33, Obadiah 1-21 Revelation 9: We come now to further calamities that come upon the earth because of the sinfulness and rebellion of people. In this chapter, there ...
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Revelation 8: Believe the Gospel

John 17:6-19, Revelation 8, Job 33:1-11, Amos 7-9 Revelation 8: There is much about the interpretation of this chapter concerning which godly men disagree and which can cause division of viewpoints – but ...
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Revelation 7: No More Crying

John 17:1-5, Revelation 7, Job 32, Amos 5-6 Revelation 7: After the previous chapter which described the great destruction and calamities coming upon the earth – in this time after Christ’s triumph on ...
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Revelation 6: The Wrath of the Lamb

John 16:25-33, Revelation 6, Job 31:24-40, Amos 3-4 Revelation 6: We come now to parts of the book of Revelation that can cause the most head scratching among Christians as they read them. ...
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Revelation 5: Worthy Is the Lamb!

John 16:12-24, Revelation 5, Job 31:1-23, Amos 1-2 Revelation 5: Yesterday, we entered with John in his vision into the very throne room of heaven. But, if we may put it reverently, heaven ...
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Revelation 4: He Is Worthy

John 16:1-11, Revelation 4, Job 30, Joel 2-3 Revelation 4: We start to enter into parts of the Book of Revelation that are filled with mystery – and that use language, pictures and ...
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