A Thanksgiving Prayer from Dr. Wendell Hawley, Part 2

November 24, 2021

Eternal God, our heavenly Father,
From whom comes every good and perfect gift,
we thank you and praise your name for all your mercies,
and for every blessing we have received from you.

We praise you, God, for health and strength,
for food and raiment,
for shelter, friends, and family,
for comfort in sorrow, deliverance from danger,
strength in weakness, help in adversity,
consolation in affliction.
For all the tokens of your faithfulness,
and for all the proofs of your mercy and love, we praise you.

We give you thanks, O God, for your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.
No one in all history compares with him.
He is the Good Shepherd
the One who has guided us each step of the way.
He is the Rock of Refuge
the One who has held us securely when all around was sinking.
He is the Bread of Life
the One who has satisfied our soul’s hunger.
He is the Light of the World
the One who has delivered us from spiritual darkness.
He is the Resurrection
the One who is our life here and our life to come.

Our prayer today comes from Dr. Wendell Hawley (LL.D., California Graduate School of Theology; D.D., Western Baptist Seminary). Dr. Hawley has preached and taught the Bible for over forty years, has served on the pastoral staff at College Church in Wheaton, and is the author of A Pastor Prays for His People (Tyndale, 2010), which includes this prayer.


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