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Interview with Dr. David S. Dockery

September 26, 2017:

Dr. David S. Dockery is president of Trinity International University and serves on the Ministry Council of God Centered Life Ministries. I had the opportunity to recently talk with Dr. Dockery about leadership and Christian higher education.  Josh Moody: David, you’ve been in significant leadership positions for many years now. Are there particular stresses and challenges unique to those roles? David Dockery: Thank you for this question, Josh. As you know, I have had the privilege of serving as a university president for 22 years at two fine institutions in addition to years as the chief academic officer at another school. It is a great blessing to have such an opportunity, one that I have never taken for granted. At the same time, these positions come with significant responsibility. Leadership roles like these have oversight of the institution's mission, for financial matters, for a host of personnel issues, for relationship with Boards…

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Interview with Thomas R. Schreiner

April 05, 2017:

I recently talked with Thomas R. Schreiner, the James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, about biblical content and its importance today in contemporary culture and the church. Below is our interview. JM: Tom, you’ve spent your life committed to studying and teaching the Bible. Isn’t a rather archaic thing to be doing in our contemporary world? TS: It is archaic in one sense, but sometimes the old truths are the best truths because they are the true truths. I could answer this in a number of ways, but here I want to say that I see no evidence that contemporary people, who have abandoned the scripture, live happier or more fulfilled lives. Instead many marriages are dissolving, many children grow up in homes plagued by fighting, and many wander from thing to thing in utter boredom.…

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Sola Giveaway

March 07, 2017:

500 years. 5 Solas. One Night Centered on God. As a thank you for signing up to One Night Centered On God, you can be entered in our $100 giveaway to be used toward exhibit books or music (or both!) during the event on March 17th. Here's how it works. 1. Contact your friends, let them know you are going to One Night Centered on God event on March 17th, and ask them if they would like to attend. 2. Let us know you have invited your friends and would like to be entered by emailing us at and using the subject line "$100 giveaway." 3. That's it. We will notify the $100 giveaway recipient prior to the event with instructions on how to pick up his or her $100 exhibit credit. Tickets and Information The schedule for Sola: One Night Centered on God for Friday, March 17, has…

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Reaching the Campuses

September 29, 2016:

Reaching the Campuses of Our Great Cities by Planting Churches When we look back at the history of the evangelical church in recent decades, we sadly can see how the church often left and neglected the great cities of our country. It is an unfortunate part of our past that has greatly impacted these cities and the people who live in them. By neglecting these cities, not only did we pull back from them in general, but by those actions we were also neglecting the universities in those cities. Many of the key, culture-shaping universities in our nation are located in or very near more urban settings and for decades have had few healthy churches located within a reasonable proximity. So, hundreds of thousands of students in their most formative years as they wrestle with life and eternity-shaping questions have little access to a church where they can clearly hear…

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The Vitality of Time and Energy in Church Planting

September 28, 2016:

One of the biggest challenges for church planters is the gathering of an effective core group. The planter is in need of more than warm bodies to fill those cold folding chairs in his basement. He needs devoted people who are passionate about the gospel and want to see it spread to their friends and neighbors. This group needs to have a pulse on the cultural context so they can effectively communicate gospel truth in understandable ways. These people need to be willing to stay up nights, talk to people they don’t know, go through a gauntlet of try and fail... Where would one find such a crack team of church planting missionaries? Every good church planter knows the answer needs to be “anywhere.” Everyone from the retired grandmother to the middle school teen can potentially add value to a core team. I would submit to you that one group…

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Truth Matters

September 15, 2016:

By Andreas J. Köstenberger We live in an age when truth has become increasingly subjective and perspectival. What is truth for me may not be truth for you. As a result, the whole notion of absolute truth has died, and, in terms of the conventional definition, there is no more truth; all that is left is varying points of view. Not that this is entirely new. Over a generation ago, apologist Francis Schaeffer lamented the very same phenomenon he perceived already in his day and felt compelled to coin the term “true truth” (as if there were false truth!) to affirm emphatically that truth still existed. That truth, Schaeffer maintained, is grounded in the one God who “is there and is not silent,” having revealed himself in the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and came back to life again. The Christian gospel thus gives meaning…

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Interview with David S. Dockery

May 23, 2014:

The following article was written for Evangelicals Now and published in their news publication for May 2014. In it I interview Dr. David S. Dockery, newly appointed president of Trinity International University: What do you love about Trinity? I love the mission of Trinity International University, which is to educate men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world by cultivating academic excellence, Christian faithfulness, and lifelong learning. I love the stellar faculty members at Trinity who are committed to that mission. I genuinely admire their scholarship and their commitment to teaching, even as I love their dedication to students and to the work of the church. I love the staff at Trinity, the people who shape community, serve the students, and carry out the high calling of what I often call the hidden curriculum. I love the support and guidance that comes from the members of…

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Interview with Dr. Dennis Hollinger

April 07, 2014:

The following article was written for Evangelicals Now and published in their news publication for March 2014. In it I interview Dr. Dennis Hollinger, president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary: JM: What do you love about Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary? DH: I love the fact that Gordon-Conwell reflects a thoughtful evangelicalism as it educates over 2,100 men and women from more than 90 different denominations and 60 different countries. Its vision: ‘We seek to advance Christ’s Kingdom in every sphere of life by equipping Church leaders to think theo-logically, engage globally and live biblically’. JM: What are your key opportunities? DH: Three opportunities stand out. First, to help build the church around the globe as we train leaders of leaders from many countries, including China. Second, we are serving the most theologically under-served group in North America with our Hispanic Ministries Program. We take courses to key Hispanic population centers and then have them come to our main campus for short-term…

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Orthodoxy and Vitality

March 12, 2014:

The following article was written for Evangelicals Now and published in their news publication for February 2014. In this month’s column, Josh Moody interviews Dr. Philip Ryken, president of Wheaton College. JM: What do you love about Wheaton College? PR: Honestly, I love almost everything about Wheaton College. I was virtually raised on this campus – my father taught English Literature here for almost 50 years – and I have a life-long love affair with this community. I love the way our faculty pursues the life of the mind, in a context where learning is integrated with faith and life. I love the breadth of our liberal arts curriculum, which invites all of our students to study great books and pursue learning across a wide range of disciplines in the arts and sciences. I love the music we make in our exceptional conservatory. I love our nationally-ranked sports teams. I love our close association with the evangelism…

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An Interview with Dr. Paul Nyquist

December 04, 2013:

The following article was written for Evangelicals Now and published in their news publication for December 2013. In this month’s column, Josh interviews Dr. Paul Nyquist, president of Moody Bible Institute. JM: What do you love about Moody Bible Institute? PN: Moody is an historic ministry that has been powerfully used by God to expand his kingdom around the world. Throughout its 127-year history, it has remained true to the Word of God, refusing to deviate from its original calling to equip people for vocational Christian ministry. Today, it is reaching more people than ever before in its ministries of education, radio and publishing. Over 3,600 people are currently enrolled in one of Moody’s degree programmes across its system or online. Over one million people tune into a Moody broadcast every week. Over 3.3 million books were sold last year through Moody Publishing, allowing more people to be exposed to the content of…

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