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Interview with Dr. David S. Dockery

September 26, 2017:

Dr. David S. Dockery is president of Trinity International University and serves on the Ministry Council of God Centered Life Ministries. I had the opportunity to recently talk with Dr. Dockery about leadership and Christian higher education.  Josh Moody: David, you’ve been in significant leadership positions for many years now. Are there particular stresses and challenges unique to those roles? David Dockery: Thank you for this question, Josh. As you know, I have had the privilege of serving as a university president for 22 years at two fine institutions in addition to years as the chief academic officer at another school. It is a great blessing to have such an opportunity, one that I have never taken for granted. At the same time, these positions come with significant responsibility. Leadership roles like these have oversight of the institution's mission, for financial matters, for a host of personnel issues, for relationship with Boards…

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Interview with Dr. Paul Nyquist

May 09, 2017:

Dr. Paul Nyquist is president of Moody Global Ministries. In our interview, Dr. Nyquist shares about the scope of Moody Global Ministries, leadership principles, the challenges of Christian education, and encouraging trends in the church.  Josh Moody: Paul, Moody Bible Institute and its ministry is a HUGE operation. give us some sense of the scale of all that is going on? Paul Nyquist: It is an amazing privilege for me to serve at Moody with its 131-year history of equipping people with the truth of God's Word. At its core, Moody is a school with nearly 4000 students on two undergraduate campuses, two seminary campuses and online. Our 45,000 graduates serve in virtually every country of the world. But Moody is somewhat unique in that it also has two sizable ministry divisions under the same banner. Moody Radio is one of the oldest Christian radio stations in the US, started…

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Interview with Alec Hill

May 02, 2017:

Alec Hill is President Emeritus of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. In our interview, Alec discusses his recent battle with cancer and God’s provision through it. Josh Moody: Alec, many of the readers will know about your recent battle with and overcoming of cancer, but for those who don’t can you fill us in with what you’ve been through? Alec Hill: Two years ago, I fainted the day after my youngest daughter’s wedding. Chalking it up to fatigue, I neither informed my wife or contacted a doctor. Very stupid. When I finally told a friend, he scolded me: “Never self-diagnose.” Great advice. One medical test led to another and I found myself sitting across from an oncologist. When he told me that I had something called Myelodysplasia Syndrome (MDS)—a form of bone marrow cancer—I asked him if it was as bad as leukemia. I’ll never forget his reply: “It’s worse.” As he…

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Interview with Janet Parshall

April 19, 2017:

In today's interview, Janet Parshall, host and executive producer of In The Market with Janet Parshall, talks with me about biblical content in contemporary culture, while also sharing with us some highlights of her long-running career in radio and providing encouragement for us to go where God leads. JM: Janet, your show has a well-deserved stellar reputation for delivering biblical content in conversation with contemporary cultural issues. how do you go about keeping the content levels up in this fast moving action world called daily radio shows? JP: Bill Belichick, the coach of the New England Patriots, has always challenged his team to play what he calls "situational football." It means having a key sense of what's going on around you on the playing field. I think keeping an ear tuned to what's being discussed in the marketplace is a great way to harvest topics for talk radio.  Paul walked around Athens…

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Interview with Thomas R. Schreiner

April 05, 2017:

I recently talked with Thomas R. Schreiner, the James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, about biblical content and its importance today in contemporary culture and the church. Below is our interview. JM: Tom, you’ve spent your life committed to studying and teaching the Bible. Isn’t a rather archaic thing to be doing in our contemporary world? TS: It is archaic in one sense, but sometimes the old truths are the best truths because they are the true truths. I could answer this in a number of ways, but here I want to say that I see no evidence that contemporary people, who have abandoned the scripture, live happier or more fulfilled lives. Instead many marriages are dissolving, many children grow up in homes plagued by fighting, and many wander from thing to thing in utter boredom.…

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