October 12, 2017: Worship in Spirit and Truth

Today’s Bible Reading: Jeremiah 30-31Ecclesiastes 9John 4:15-26James 5:13-20

John 4:15-26:

Note: As we go through John’s Gospel together over the next few weeks, I refer you to fuller comments in my recently published commentary on John’s Gospel, as well as the recently published Bible study guide. In addition, at College Church we are currently working our way through John’s Gospel on Sunday mornings, and that will provide you with another take on the material.

Take, then, and read a full analysis of this section of John, and this morning simply reflect on the following bullet points:

  • Jesus’ comment in verse 18 is very searching. Why is it encouraging when God’s Spirit convicts of sin? How are we to respond when we are convicted of sin?
  • If the hour will come—and now has come come—when God’s worshippers will not worship at this mountain or that mountain, but will instead worship in Spirit and in truth, how does that shape our attitude to worship? Often it is thought that worship in Spirit and in truth means worship “spiritually and sincerely,” but how does the context in this passage suggest a different interpretation? (Hint: With Jesus’ arrival, all worship is now through him). Does this very simple, yet profound, definition of worship help us avoid confusion about what worship is meant to be?
  • Jesus models for us here a gracious, clear, and winsome conversational approach to personal evangelism. What could we learn from this approach in our daily interaction with those who don’t yet follow Jesus?


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