Job 35: A More Satisfying Answer

John 18:28-40, Revelation 12, Job 35, Micah 4-5  Job 35: So Elihu continues his rebuke of both Job and of Job’s so-called “comforters.” In this chapter he focuses on Job. Elihu is saying ...
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Job 34:21-37: Nailed There for You

John 18:19-27, Revelation 11, Job 34:21-37, Micah 1-3 Job 34:21-37: What can we say about this? Elihu now seems to turn his passionate resolve to focus on Job and criticize him sternly. Job, ...
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Job 34:1-20: Zeal with Knowledge

John 18:1-18, Revelation 10, Job 34:1-20, Jonah 1-4 Job 34:1-20: In the Book of Job, we have a simple – and stunning – story. Job, a righteous man, is visited by the most ...
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Job 33:12-33: Sweeter Than Any Honey

John 17:20-26, Revelation 9, Job 33:12-33, Obadiah 1-21 Job 33:12-33: Elihu continues with his “mixed” response to Job and to Job’s “comforters.” They, the so-called “comforters,” had criticized Job for being unwilling to ...
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Job 33:1-11: To You, O Lord, I Call

John 17:6-19, Revelation 8, Job 33:1-11, Amos 7-9 Job 33:1-11: Elihu is mounting his criticism of Job (as well as of Job’s so-called “comforters”). Job is suffering terribly. Job's friends have accused ...
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Job 32: Elihu

John 17:1-5, Revelation 7, Job 32, Amos 5-6 Job 32: Now we come to Elihu and his lengthy speech, the first part of which we are looking at in this chapter 32. Elihu ...
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