Psalm 19: Acceptable in Your Sight

Genesis 42-43, Psalm 19, Matthew 8:14-22, Acts 11:19-30    Psalm 19: Another of the great psalms of David. In Psalm 19, David moves from a declaration of God’s revelation of his glory in creation, ...
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Psalm 18:25-50: Advance Against a Troop

Genesis 41, Psalm 18:25-50, Matthew 8:1-13, Acts 11:1-18  Psalm 18:25-50: David continues his psalm of praise to God as his “strength” (18:1). Many people have wondered what is the secret of the success ...
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Psalm 18:1-24: The Lord Is My Rock

Genesis 39-40, Psalm 18:1-24, Matthew 7:15-29, Acts 10:24-48 Psalm 18:1-24: Looking back when the dark night of the soul is over, or when the very real battle is finished, it is easy to ...
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Psalm 17: In the Shadow of Your Wings

Genesis 37-38, Psalm 17, Matthew 7:1-14, Acts 10:1-23 Psalm 17: Oh, what a beautiful psalm! And how hard was the time that caused this psalm to be written! “Hear a just cause, O ...
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Psalm 16: Pleasures Forevermore

Genesis 36, Psalm 16, Matthew 6:25-34, Acts 9:20-43   Psalm 16: David is asking to be saved, or for his life to be “preserved.” He senses the need of rescue. Perhaps he is ...
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Psalm 15: The Holy Hill

Genesis 34-35, Psalm 15, Matthew 6:16-24, Acts 9:1-19 Psalm 15: The question of Psalm 15 relates to the experience of being in the presence of the holy God. “Who shall dwell on your ...
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