John 16:12-24: That Your Joy May Be Full

Job 31:1-23, Amos 1-2, John 16:12-24, Revelation 5   John 16:12-24:  Jesus had so much more to say to his disciples than the short time he had with them would allow, and that ...
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John 16:1-11: To Your Advantage

John 16:1-11, Revelation 4, Job 30, Joel 2-3 John 16:1-11: The somber words that Jesus has been leaving his disciples with in this, his farewell discourse, are surprising in their intensity. Why does ...
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John 15:18-27: Hate

Job 29, Joel 1, John 15:18-27, Revelation 3:14-22 John 15:18-27: Hate is a strong word. But the reality is that Christians are hated. They are hated by those who are “of the ...
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John 15:9-17: Abide in Love

Hosea 13-14, Job 28, John 15:9-17, Revelation 3:1-13 John 15:9-17: What a way to begin this morning—as the Father has loved Jesus, so Jesus has loved us! What an extraordinary thought! That the ...
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John 15:1-8: Abide in Christ

Hosea 9-12, Job 27, John 15:1-8, Revelation 2:18-29 John 15:1-8: A powerful and beguiling picture of the vine and the branches is now presented by Jesus—a picture that teaches important truths about our ...
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John 14:22-31: Not as the World Gives

Hosea 7-8, Job 25-26, John 14:22-31, Revelation 2:1-17 John 14:22-31: Judas (not Iscariot) asks a question that many of us have asked. Why is it that Jesus shows himself to us but not ...
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