Job 28: Wisdom Needed

John 15:9-17, Revelation 3:1-13, Job 28, Hosea 13-14 Job 28:  This chapter is something of a break in the proceedings. Having been defending himself at length against the attacks of ...
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Job 27: Obeying the Fearsome God

John 15:1-8, Revelation 2:18-29, Job 27, Hosea 9-12 Job 27: Job now concludes his words to the beginning group of his comforters. And he concludes with a note of defiance:   ...
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Job 25-26: Worship and Suffering

John 14:22-31, Revelation 2:1-17, Job 25-26, Hosea 7-8 Job 25-26: In the two chapters we are looking at this morning, we first read (in chapter 25) of Bildad’s attempted correction ...
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Job 24: Do Not Follow the Path of the Wicked

John 14:15-21, Revelation 1:9-20, Job 24, Hosea 4-6 Job 24: As Job continues his “bitter complaint” (23:1), in this chapter he makes two basic movements. In the first half of ...
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Job 23: Even in the Midst of a Storm

John 14:1-14, Revelation 1:1-8, Job 23, Hosea 1-3 Job 23: Once more, we are back to Job and his replies to the testing so-called “comforters” that surround him. When you ...
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November 26-30, 2022

In keeping with the Bible reading plan we are using, the last days of each month are designated as “free days.” November 26-30 then are intended to allow you to catch ...
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