Acts 24: Divine Chess Player

Leviticus 5-7, Psalm 39, Matthew 17:14-27, Acts 24 Acts 24: (Note: this chapter should have been the devotional for yesterday; tomorrow we will get back in sequence!) When you read this story, you ...
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Acts 25:1-12: Hammer Meet Anvil

Leviticus 8-10, Psalm 40, Matthew 18:1-14, Acts 25:1-12 Acts 25:1-12: We come to the next stage in the process of Paul’s defense, and the attacks against him by the religious leaders at the ...
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Acts 23:12-35: Courage and Wisdom

Leviticus 1-4, Psalm 38, Matthew 17:1-13, Acts 23:12-35 Acts 23:12-35: More maneuvering to get Paul – and it is stymied by God’s sovereignty, and some sharp thinking on the part of Paul and ...
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Acts 23:1-11: The Lord Stood Near

Exodus 38-40, Psalm 37:23-40, Matthew 16:13-28, Acts 23:1-11 Acts 23:1-11: Paul is now brought before the Sanhedrin, the leading religious court of the Jewish people at the time. What will he do? How ...
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Acts 22: Rejected

Exodus 35-37, Psalm 37:1-22, Matthew 16:1-12, Acts 22 Acts 22: Paul now gives his defense to his Jewish people in Jerusalem before the temple. He has been arrested by the Romans because a ...
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Acts 21:27-40: Arrested

Exodus 34, Psalm 36, Matthew 15:21-39, Acts 21:27-40 Acts 21:27-40: So Paul is now in Jerusalem, and his and the Jewish Christian leaders’ attempts to pacify his accusers fail – his presence in ...
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