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Christ, Church, and Religion: The Power of Spiritual Work, Part 2

Even secular work has spiritual consequences and therefore God cares how we do it. Part of working out our salvation is not done just at church; it impacts our jobs. Let’s put our faith into our work.

Local Heroes

A Word from Josh

Who are the “local heroes” of the faith where you live? These are the people who work tirelessly and pray faithfully behind the scenes for the work of the gospel. Maybe you are one of these people.

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GCL Articles

The King Is Coming

On Palm Sunday, we think of the crowd waving palm branches as Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey as described in the Gospel accounts.   Why the palm branches?   In many ways it goes right back to the beginning of the story of the Bible. In Genesis, in paradise, it is thought there were many beautiful trees, among them palm branches. Later in the biblical story,…

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Return to God

In the present circumstances with which the whole globe wrestles, Christian leaders have utterly failed to issue the clarion call that the world (and the church) needs to hear. We have pointed to the mystery of suffering, and the practicality of caring for those who are suffering. Some have bemoaned political drift to the right, others political…

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Encouragement for Pastors

Today’s article is a guest post from Dr. Ray Van Neste, Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies, School of Theology and Missions at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. Pastors, I know the last several months have been challenging. As I heard someone recently say, “If this ain’t difficult times, they’ll do until difficult times come!”[1] Some of you…

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