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Think Different. Live Different. True Promise, Part 2

Since Abraham realized that God had made everything from nothing, he knew it was thoroughly rational to believe that if God wanted to give him and Sarah a child in their old age, God would just do it. Do we believe like this today?

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Finding Peace with God

A Word from Josh

I’m sure you have seen many suggestions these days for achieving peace. Declutter your home… Enjoy the outdoors… Spend a day at the spa… At best, these provide only a temporary reprieve. Where do we find a true, lasting peace?

God’s Word has much to say about this, but first let me thank you for standing beside us in the work of God Centered Life. Because of your support, many will hear about Jesus and grow in their passion for his Word. Thank you!

In our messages this month, we continue the series “Romans: The Gospel of God.” Often, we may find the first few chapters of this book difficult to follow, but what it comes down to is this: Christ has made full payment for our sin through his death and resurrection, and we have been made right with God.

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by Josh Moody This fall on Monday, September 26, God Centered Life will be hosting “The Word Conference” at College Church in Wheaton, Chicagoland. Why another conference? As I have thought and prayed about this, it seemed to be important, and the right time, for us to do another conference for a number of different…

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The Historical Reliability of the Bible

Much high end research has been done defending the historical reliability of the Bible (Tyndale House, Cambridge). These two papers are mere summaries of the work done by many scholars, but they may be helpful for some because a) they are brief, b) they are in simple straightforward language, c) they address a current (as well…

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Don’t Deconstruct. Rebalance.

by Josh Moody It’s time to emphasize not just engagement with culture but integrity of character, or what the Bible calls “holiness.” If you follow social media, or listen carefully to the conversations developed by “exvangelicals,” you’ll know that there seem to be a large number of people who are actively engaged in or deliberately…

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