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Jesus' Example, Part 1

The central ground on which we stand is not culture or class or those things which divide us. We stand at the foot of the cross, and all nations, cultures, and classes are welcome here.

God Centered Life Welcomes New Executive Director!

A Word from Josh

Chicago area business leader Tony DiLeonardi joins the God Centered Life team. Tony’s appointment to this pivotal leadership role marks the start of a new chapter for the ministry, as it seeks to expand both its reach and scope of impact for the Gospel.

Centering Your Life on God

A Word from Josh

Thank you for your support of God Centered Life this year. We truly appreciate your partnership with us, and we wanted to encourage you with all that God is doing through this global ministry.

You can see, by the flier on the website, the ministry's amazing reach. Each and every day of the year, our aim is simple: to proclaim God’s Word as far and wide as possible. The vision is to call people to center their lives on God.

Our Thank-You Gift for Your Partnership!

This Month's Featured Resource from God Centered Life

This month at God Centered Life, we're offering a copy of How Christmas Can Change Your Life by Josh Moody for your gift of any amount. At Christmastime, movies, TV shows, and commercials tell us that everything is great, everyone is happy, even the weather is obliging. But sometimes underneath all the sparkle, our hearts have questions. In How Christmas Can Change Your Life, Josh Moody takes the ten most commonly asked questions about Christmas and shows that better than all the happiness is the true joy of Christmas.

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Have you wondered what a relationship with God really means?  Request your copy of Josh’s booklet Come Home with our compliments.  Click the button below to learn more and get yours today. 


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9 Ways to Prioritize God’s Word

At God Centered Life, why do we have this priority of centering our lives on God? In the shifting cultural context of our world, solid biblical truth can be found in the Word. You can in turn communicate and proclaim it to others. Ecclesiastes 12:13 tells us, “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty…

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Why Another Conference?

by Josh Moody This fall on Monday, September 26, God Centered Life will be hosting “The Word Conference” at College Church in Wheaton, Chicagoland. Why another conference? As I have thought and prayed about this, it seemed to be important, and the right time, for us to do another conference for a number of different…

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The Historical Reliability of the Bible

Much high end research has been done defending the historical reliability of the Bible (Tyndale House, Cambridge). These two papers are mere summaries of the work done by many scholars, but they may be helpful for some because a) they are brief, b) they are in simple straightforward language, c) they address a current (as well…

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