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Life Is a Question Mark—And Then You Die: God Is an Awesome God, Part 1

Awesome worship is the craving of many a church shopper these days. There’s a tendency for us to think in a secular, this-world, materialistic way rather than a transcendent way, even in the midst of corporate worship. Real worship is an authentic, spiritual engagement with God himself.

The One Hope for the World

A Word from Josh

Everywhere we look these days, our world seems to be divided along nonnegotiable lines. How can we ever be drawn back together? A pastor once said, “The one hope for the world is a revived church.”

On the program this month, we’ve considered spiritual growth: “Attaining to the Whole Measure of the Fullness of Christ.” A big part of reaching this type of maturity requires unity. It can be tempting to think this is only for inside the church. But the world needs a revived, unified church to lead the way.

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