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The Godness of the Gospel, Part 1

We are tempted to believe that the gospel is simply something we believe—we go through the motions and we have low expectations of an encounter with the living Lord. This is one of the reasons Paul begins the book of Galatians in such forthright terms.

Transformed by Christ's Redeeming Power

A Word from Josh

What does the gospel mean to you? Do you live each day in awe and gratitude for what Christ has done on the Cross? Or has it all become routine? Too often, we go through the motions, with little expectation of a meaningful encounter with the living Lord. 

As we begin a fresh, new year, we are taking a fresh look at the gospel in our broadcasts. In the book of Galatians, Paul notes that the gospel had become empty to his readers. The Galatians had forgotten what it really meant!

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