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You're on a Mission, Part 2

The admonition to be strong and courageous is about who we really are in Christ. We are the kind of people that God is calling, so because of who we are, He calls us to be strong and courageous. It’s all about our identity in Him.

The Faithfulness of God

A Word from Josh

This has been a challenging year for all of us, but God has proven himself faithful to the ministry of God Centered Life. We are grateful for the many signs of his blessing and would like to share a few of them for your encouragement.

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This month at God Centered Life, we're offering a copy of Pastor Josh Moody's How the Bible Can Change Your Life for your gift of any amount. Christians are Bible people. We believe that God speaks to us through His inspired Word. And yet many Christians and churches don’t actually open their Bibles. Josh Moody asks the question: Why should I read the Bible?

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Politics and Piety

The new wave of the political scene is upon us. In America, when election fever heats up, it sure gets hot. Angry Facebook posts. Tirades on Twitter. Inflammatory airtime slots on terrestrial TV, and who knows what on cable. It’s going to get fiery, especially this year. For various reasons that for many will be…

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The Myth of Certainty and the Art of Convictional Complexity

It may seem strange to have someone like me—an evangelical Christian leader—talk about the “myth of certainty.” After all, Christianity, especially Bible-believing Christianity, is known for (if anything) its certainties and absolute truths. We are those who hold to the authority of Scripture, the exclusivity of Christ, and a moral code that is strict and…

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Reflections on an Evangelical Becoming a Papist

The word “papist” has a distinctly “anti-Catholic” ring to it, and if you are immediately turned off from reading the rest of this article because of that word in the title—well, I apologize. But I chose that word “papist” to make it clear that the issue is not evangelicals becoming catholics. Evangelicals already are catholics;…

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