Have you felt the weight of darkness in your life? Ask God to give you a hunger for his Word.

With the information overload today, it's never been easier to keep the truth of God at a distance. It becomes just another piece of information we scroll past and ignore.

Instead, our thoughts become filled with the worries and fears of this life that assault us from every angle. At a time when we most need to be focusing our thoughts on Christ, the light of the world, we allow the darkness to grow and weigh us down.

What is the antidote for that darkness? We must dig deeply into God’s Word, allowing it to penetrate our hearts. Then, by God's Spirit, it will touch our mind, conscience, will, and emotions, bringing true peace and freedom from the cares of this life.

Jesus says, “Whoever sees me sees him who sent me. I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness” (John 12: 45-46, esv). When we fix our eyes on the light of Jesus through the Word of God, “the things of earth grow strangely dim,” as the old hymn assures us.

Have you felt the weight of darkness in your life? Ask God to give you a hunger for his Word, then open it with an expectation of finding insights and truth to counteract the darkness.

A resource that might help you with bringing God’s truth into focus is the book The God-Centered Life, which I’d like to send you as a thank-you for your support of this ministry. I wrote this book to help bring readers like you along the path to know and love God better by understanding, interpreting, and applying the words of Jonathan Edwards to today’s culture. I pray that it will minister to your heart as you set your eyes more and more on the Light.


Josh Moody
President and Founder
God Centered Life Ministries

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