Acts 18:1-17: Corinth

Exodus 16-18, Psalm 29, Matthew 12:38-50, Acts 18:1-17 Acts 18:1-17: We come now to Paul’s ministry in Corinth. There are several things we can learn from his experience as described by Luke in ...
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Acts 17:16-34: Areopagus

Exodus 13-15, Psalm 28, Matthew 12:22-37, Acts 17:16-34 Acts 17:16-34: We come now to Paul’s famous sermon on Mars Hill. What can we learn from it? First, that Paul was observant. He noticed ...
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Acts 17:1-15: Noble

Exodus 10-12, Psalm 27, Matthew 12:1-21, Acts 17:1-15 Acts 17:1-15: Two cities with different responses to the gospel, and lessons for us to learn from both. In Thessalonica we learn: Paul’s ongoing custom ...
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Acts 16:16-40: When Persecuted

Exodus 7-9, Psalm 26, Matthew 11:20-30, Acts 16:16-40 Acts 16:16-40: Paul and Silas in prison – a remarkable story with much to teach us. First, the power of Jesus over evil spirits. This ...
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Acts 16:1-15: Three Stories

Exodus 4-6, Psalm 25, Matthew 11:1-19, Acts 16:1-15 Acts 16:1-15: Three wonderful stories with three sets of important lessons. First, we have the decision to circumcise Timothy. Here seems a strange thing. Why ...
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Acts 15:22-41: Best and Worst

Exodus 1-3, Psalm 24, Matthew 10:21-42, Acts 15:22-41 Acts 15:22-41: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." One of the most famous beginnings to a novel ever written ...
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