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Romans 9:1-18: Sovereign God

Numbers 33-36, Psalm 61, Matthew 25:31-46, Romans 9:1-18 Romans 9:1-18: The pain of sensing that someone you love is not responding to Christ—that pain is real and hurtful, sometimes extremely so. But what ...
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Romans 8:18-39: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Numbers 31-32, Psalm 60, Matthew 25:14-30, Romans 8:18-39 Romans 8:18-39: Few words in all of Scripture are more precious than these. Such profundity, but also such practicality. And all encased in a beautiful ...
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Romans 8:1-17: No Condemnation

Numbers 28-30, Psalm 59, Matthew 25:1-13, Romans 8:1-17 Romans 8:1-17: It is impossible to summarize this magna carta of the Christian faith—this summa laude of that majestic Book of Romans, this chapter 8—in ...
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Romans 7:13-25: Fighting Against Sin

Numbers 26-27, Psalm 58, Matthew 24:34-51, Romans 7:13-25 Romans 7:13-25: This passage has received several contrary interpretations. At stake is whether Paul is describing the condition of being a Christian (wrestling with the ...
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Romans 7:1-12: What About the Law?

Numbers 23-25, Psalm 57, Matthew 24:15-35, Romans 7:1-12 Romans 7:1-12: Here Paul answers a potential objection to what he is arguing. As a recap, Paul is arguing that we are saved by grace, ...
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Romans 6:15-23: The Gift of God

Numbers 21-22, Psalm 56, Matthew 24:1-14, Romans 6:15-23 Romans 6:15-23: Paul is continuing to talk about the way that the gospel does not lead to license to sin. In particular, now he addresses ...
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