Matthew 18:15-35: Discipline

Leviticus 11-13, Psalm 41, Matthew 18:15-35, Acts 25:13-27 Matthew 18:15-35: This passage in Matthew 18 is much used in church circles, and not always well understood. It is one of only two times ...
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Matthew 18:1-14: Better Than Greatest

Leviticus 8-10; Psalm 40; Matthew 18:1-14; Acts 25:1-12 Matthew 18:1-14: The question “who is the greatest?” has plagued Christian communities—and indeed all communities—since the beginning. In our frail humanity and ...
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Matthew 17:14-27: Mountain-Moving Power

Leviticus 5-7; Psalm 39; Matthew 17:14-27; Acts  24 Matthew 17:14-27: Coming down from the mountain, Jesus is immediately met with a coming-back-to-earth moment of reality. Having been elevated and transfigured ...
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Matthew 17:1-13: Listen to Jesus

Leviticus 1-4; Psalm 38; Matthew 17:1-13; Acts  23:12-35 Matthew 17:1-13: The next event, the famous Transfiguration, connects to the previous by the phrase “And after six days” (17:1). What will ...
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Matthew 16:13-28: Take Up the Cross

Exodus 38-40; Psalm 37:23-40; Matthew 16:13-28; Acts  23:1-11 Matthew 16:13-28: Peter’s confession of Christ is justly famous, for good reason, and yet frequently misunderstood at the same time. Jesus begins ...
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Matthew 16:1-12: The Teaching of the Pharisees 

Exodus 35-37; Psalm 37:1-22; Matthew 16:1-12; Acts  22  Matthew 16:1-12: The contrast between those who received Jesus’ teaching and responded with faith (like the Canaanite woman, 15:21-28), and others (like ...
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