Genesis 32-33: Has He No Wound?

Genesis 32-33, Psalm 14, Matthew 6:1-15, Acts 8:26-40 Genesis 32-33: In the middle of this story of the apparent reconciliation between Jacob and Esau, there is the well-known mysterious account of Jacob’s wrestling ...
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Genesis 31: God, Not gods

Genesis 31, Psalm 13, Matthew 5:33-46, Acts 8:1-25 Genesis 31:  If things could not get any stranger in Jacob’s wandering dealings with his family and relatives, they are nonetheless getting to the point ...
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Genesis 29-30: Only God Is Enough

Genesis 29-30, Psalm 12, Matthew 5:21-32, Acts 7:39-60 Genesis 29-30: So Jacob runs away from the wrath of his brother Esau to his mother’s brother, Laban (29:1-14). The deceiver (Jacob), however, is about ...
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Genesis 27-28: Encountering God

Genesis 27-28, Psalm 11, Matthew 5:13-20, Acts 7:1-38 Genesis 27-28: Jacob, the deceiver, well-named, now deceives Isaac at the prompting and urging of his mother (27:1-29). Is this a mother playing favorites? Or ...
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Genesis 25-26: God’s Sovereign Blessing

Genesis 25-26, Psalm 10, Matthew 5:1-12, Acts 6  Genesis 25-26: The chapter in Abraham’s earthly sojourn has come to an end (25:7-11). Beforehand, he married again, and was careful to ensure that Isaac, ...
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Genesis 24: From One Generation to the Next

Genesis 24, Psalm 9, Matthew 4:18-25, Acts 5:17-42 Genesis 24: A beautiful story, but what are we to learn from it? Abraham makes his servant promise to find a wife for his son ...
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