Acts 1:1-11: You Will Be My Witnesses

Genesis 1-2, Psalm 1, Matthew 1:1-17, Acts 1:1-11 Acts 1:1-11: When we start to read any book – especially a book of the Bible – it is important to have a basic sense ...
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December 26-31, 2018

In keeping with the Bible reading plan we are using, the last days of each month are designated as “free days.” December 26-31 then are intended to allow you to ...
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Job 42: All Is Revealed

John 21:15-25, Revelation 22, Job 42, Malachi 1-4 Job 42: And so we come to the end of this astonishing Book of Job. In many ways, you could read the first couple of ...
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Job 41:12-34: Sometimes the Details

John 21:1-14, Revelation 21, Job 41:12-34, Zechariah 10-14 Job 41:12-34: It is hard to know exactly what to do with this more extended description of “Leviathan” – especially when we are not ...
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Job 41:1-11: Consider Leviathan

John 20:24-31, Revelation 20, Job 41:1-11, Zechariah 6-9 Job 41:1-11: The contrast that God now uses to emphasize his power is between his ability to master the “Leviathan” and Job’s inability. No one ...
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Job 40: Say No More

John 20:19-23, Revelation 19, Job 40, Zechariah 1-5 Job 40: Now Job digs himself out from under his bedclothes, peers over the covers, and dares to utter a word to the Lord God. ...
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