Daniel 5-6: Writing and Lions 

Daniel 5-6, Job 20, John 13:1-11, 3 John 1-14 Daniel 5-6: Two famous stories—so well known that sayings from them and motifs about them have entered into common parlance and conversation even still today. First, ...
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Daniel 3-4: Praise and Extol 

Daniel 3-4, Job 19, John 12:37-50, 2 John 1-13  Daniel 3-4: Two famous stories. First, the fiery furnace. The king makes an image of gold and commands everyone to worship it or else ...
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Daniel 1-2: The Lord Gave

Daniel 1-2, Job 18, John 12:20-36, 1 John 5:13-21  Daniel 1-2: The book of Daniel—of great fame and fantastic storytelling ability—calls us also to faithful bravery, even in the midst of opposition. “Dare to be ...
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Ezekiel 48: The Lord Is There

Ezekiel 48,  Job 17,  John 12:12-19,  1 John 5:6-12   Ezekiel 48:   The land is now divided up between the different tribes, much of which we had heard before in chapter ...
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Ezekiel 45-47: Flowing Water

Ezekiel 45-47,  Job 16,  John 12:1-11,  1 John 5:1-5   Ezekiel 45-47:   The first two chapters of this section further describe the division of the land, the temple, the prince, the ...
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Ezekiel 42-44: The Glory of the Lord

Ezekiel 42-44,  Job 15:17-35,  John 11:45-57,  1 John 4:7-21  Ezekiel 42-44:   This continued description of the temple in these chapters amounts to much the same as Ezekiel’s previous description—namely a ...
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