Job 31:24-40: Trust in the Midst of Pain

Job 31:24-40: Job, in this second part of this chapter, now concludes the final part of his defense. You’ll remember that he has been accused by his so-called “comforters” of ...
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Job 31:1-23: Suffer and Bleed for Us

Job 31:1-23: Job is now coming towards the end of his final defense. In this first section of this ending part of his final defense, the section we are looking ...
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Job 30: Where Is God in my Pain!

Job 30: This is perhaps, in some ways, the most depressing chapter in the whole book. And that is saying something! Job is now continuing his complaints. He is mounting ...
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Job 29: A Righteous Suffering Servant

Job 29: Job now is moving towards the final part of his defense. As we remember, Job has suffered extreme suffering. The pain of physical ailments, but also the deep ...
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Job 28: Wisdom Needed

Job 28: This chapter is something of a break in the proceedings. Having been defending himself at length against the attacks of his “friends,” Job now takes the time to ...
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Job 27: Obeying the Fearsome God

Job 27: Job now concludes his words to the beginning group of his comforters. And he concludes with a note of defiance: I will never admit you are in the ...
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