Psalm 11: Behold His Face

Genesis 27-28, Psalm 11, Matthew 5:13-20, Acts 7:1-38 Psalm 11: Taking refuge in God, verse 1, is that which the righteous do, verse 7. The upright shall behold his face. But in the ...
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Psalm 10: Terror No More

Genesis 25-26, Psalm 10, Matthew 5:1-12, Acts 6 Psalm 10: It is the constant experience of God’s people that God sometimes seems to go quiet when things get tough. Where is God? That ...
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Psalm 9: Fear

Genesis 24, Psalm 9, Matthew 4:18-25 , Acts 5:17-42 Psalm 9: Psalm 9 begins conventionally enough. It starts with giving thanks to God. And the reasons for the thanksgiving are well known: gratitude for ...
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Psalm 8: The Glory of His Majesty!

Genesis 21-23, Psalm 8, Matthew 4:12-17, Acts 5:1-16 Psalm 8: One of the many reasons for faith and worship is the astonishing, majestic pattern of the universe in which we live. In David’s ...
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Psalm 7: Refuge in God

Genesis 18-20, Psalm 7, Matthew 4:1-11, Acts 4:23-37 Psalm 7:   We do not know who this “Cush” was, but presumably he had said things about David that deeply wounded him, and indeed ...
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Psalm 6: Pray!

Genesis 15-17, Psalm 6, Matthew 3:13-17, Acts 4:1-22  Psalm 6: There are two measures of a leader. One, how many people are following him. Two, how many people hate him. You are no ...
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