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James 5:13-20: The Prayer of Faith

Jeremiah 30-31, Ecclesiastes 9, John 4:15-26, James 5:13-20 James 5:13-20: This passage is famous in prayer circles for its description of the “prayer of faith.” What does it mean? And how do we ...
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James 5:7-12: 6 Ways to be Patient in Suffering

Jeremiah 26-29, Ecclesiastes 8, John 4:1-14, James 5:7-12 James 5:7-12: Patience is not easy even in the best of times. We find it hard to be patient standing in line to get into ...
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James 5:1-6: Wealth and Injustice

Jeremiah 23-25, Ecclesiastes 7:15-29, John 3:22-36, James 5:1-6 James 5:1-6: If there was something intrinsically wrong with money itself, then Abraham, Joseph, David, and many other great heroes of the Old Testament would ...
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James 4:11-17: Slander and Boasting

Jeremiah 19-22, Ecclesiastes 7:1-14, John 3:16-21, James 4:11-17 James 4:11-17: James now addresses the power of the tongue and its misuse in two further ways. First with regard to slander, and then second ...
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James 4:1-10: Quarrels and What to Do About Them

Jeremiah 16-18, Ecclesiastes 6, John 3:1-15, James 4:1-10 James 4:1-10: James now turns his attention to what causes fights and quarrels between Christians. Of course, Christians are meant to live at peace with ...
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James 3:13-18: Growing in Wisdom

Jeremiah 14-15, Ecclesiastes 5, John 2:12-25, James 3:13-18 James 3:13-18: What is real wisdom? What are its characteristics? James now describes two different kinds of wisdom. And each is characterized by a certain ...
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