Acts 21:1-26: Jerusalem

Exodus 32-33, Psalm 35, Matthew 15:1-20, Acts 21:1-26 Acts 21:1-26: Paul is determined to go to Jerusalem. And he continues in that journey despite clear warnings from the Spirit – and also from ...
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Acts 20:13-38: Farewell!

Exodus 30-31, Psalm 34, Matthew 14:22-36, Acts 20:13-38 Acts 20:13-38: Paul’s farewell to the Ephesians' elders is worth studying closely for a number of different reasons. It shows that gospel ministry is to ...
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Acts 20:1-12: Eutychus

Exodus 27-29, Psalm 33, Matthew 14:1-21, Acts 20:1-12 Acts 20:1-12: Here we first are told about Paul’s journeys encouraging and strengthening disciples, and then about a particular instance with a young man called ...
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Acts 19:23-41: When Opposition Comes

Exodus 24-26, Psalm 32, Matthew 13:44-58, Acts 19:23-41 Acts 19:23-41: Paul’s ministry in Ephesus is having such a large impact that it is starting to impact the economy! What can we learn from ...
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Acts 19:1-22: Ephesians Gospel Bridgehead

Exodus 21-23, Psalm 31, Matthew 13:24-43, Acts 19:1-22 Acts 19:1-22: Paul’s work in Ephesus produced a significant bridgehead for the gospel into the province of Asia (see churches of Asia in Revelation chapters ...
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Acts 18:18-28: Travels

Exodus 19-20, Psalm 30, Matthew 13:1-23, Acts 18:18-28 Acts 18:18-28: The kingdom of God continues to advance and grow. Here in this part of Luke’s story of kingdom advancement from Jerusalem to the ...
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