Matthew 20:17-34: What Do You Want from Me?

Leviticus 21-23; Psalm 45; Matthew 20:17-34; Acts 27:27-44 Matthew 20:17-34: This section abounds in irony. First of all, we have Jesus predicting his death. It is not going to be ...
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Matthew 20:1-16: Workers in the Vineyard

Leviticus 18-20; Psalm 44; Matthew 20:1-16; Acts 27:1-26 Matthew 20:1-16: Picking up on an apparently fairly enigmatic phrase at the end of the last section (“first, last; last, first,” 19:30), Jesus expounds ...
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Matthew 19:16-30: Hundredfold

Leviticus 16-17; Psalm 43; Matthew 19:16-30; Acts 26:19-32 Matthew 19:16-30: Another encounter that is well-known, and often misinterpreted. A man comes up to Jesus with what is apparently a genuine, ...
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Matthew 19:1-15: Divorce and Marriage

Leviticus 14-15; Psalm 42; Matthew 19:1-15; Acts 26:1-18 Matthew 19:1-15: The teaching that Jesus gives in this passage about divorce is interpreted in a number of different ways within the ...
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Matthew 18:15-35: Discipline

Leviticus 11-13, Psalm 41, Matthew 18:15-35, Acts 25:13-27 Matthew 18:15-35: This passage in Matthew 18 is much used in church circles, and not always well understood. It is one of only two times ...
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Matthew 18:1-14: Better Than Greatest

Leviticus 8-10; Psalm 40; Matthew 18:1-14; Acts 25:1-12 Matthew 18:1-14: The question “who is the greatest?” has plagued Christian communities—and indeed all communities—since the beginning. In our frail humanity and ...
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