Authentic Spirituality: Finding God Without Losing Your Mind


Authentic Spirituality: Finding God Without Losing Your Mind

Dr. Josh Moody

Is it possible to believe in God without throwing away your brain? What does it mean in practice to follow Jesus? Why is Jesus the ‘authentic spirituality’ as opposed to any other religious option? The answer to these questions lies in the Bible’s teaching about how we can really know the Almighty God ourselves.

Like an espresso, this concentrated message surveys the great minds behind contemporary secularism, the historic Christian views on how you can know God, and most of all what the Bible says about what it means to encounter the most influential person who ever existed: Jesus the Christ.

First published as the fruit of extended reflection at Cambridge University on Christianity’s response to postmodernism, this book provides a map to help us navigate contemporary spirituality. Read and discussed from the Far East, to Britain, to America, join others who have journeyed on the path to find ‘Authentic Spirituality.’

“A breath of fresh air. . . .”
D.A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament and council member of The Gospel Coalition.

Josh Moody ministers as Senior Pastor of College Church, in Wheaton, Illinois. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, is a Fellow of Jonathan Edwards College, Yale University, and the author of The God-Centered Life.