1 Peter 1:10-16: Wonder and Holiness

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1 Peter 1:10-16: Wonder and Holiness

October 14, 2023


Jeremiah 35-38Ecclesiastes 11John 4:43-541 Peter 1:10-16

1 Peter 1:10-16:

Peter is equipping these “exiles” – Christians, like us, who often feel excluded, alienated, far from home, friendless, and adrift in an adversarial world. And he has been reminding them of reasons why they can rejoice and persevere even in this exilic situation. Primarily, because of their salvation. And now he takes a moment to first fill their minds and hearts with wonder about this salvation, and then call them to a life of holiness as a consequence.

First, he fills their minds and hearts with wonder as he describes this salvation. Their salvation is wonderful because it has been so long spoken of by the prophets of old. This is not a new thing. It has been announced from long ago, in the Old Testament, by the work of the Spirit through the prophets who spoke God’s Word. Their salvation is wonderful because it pointed to this Messiah who would die and rise again, and all the “glories that would follow,” of that salvation and resurrection and the proclamation of the gospel to the ends of the earth, and to the coming return of Christ in glory. All this should fill our hearts and minds with wonder. What was long ago promised has now been fulfilled! But what is even more wonderful, angels themselves “long to look into these things.” Picture the angels craning their necks over the parapet of heaven longing to look into all that God is doing in our salvation! Wonder! So often today, our lives have an absence of wonder. And yet here is this wonderful gospel.

Second, as a consequence, he calls them to a life of holiness. Such holiness is not achieved without disciplined hard work. We need to be alert and sober. Wake up! Think clearly! Sharpen your minds! Employ biblical logic! Don’t drift or let your mind go flabby. Get sharper and clearer through sanctified common sense, reading and listening to God’s Word and teaching about God’s Word. Engage with the great issues of the day, and find answers to them. Be alert. Be sober. And also set your hope on the future. It is an exercise of the will to look towards the future when Christ returns: set your mind there. And do not conform to the evil desires that you had when you lived in ignorance. Instead, be holy as God is holy. He is the one who called you; therefore, increasingly reflect his holy character in your holy living.


Josh Moody (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is the senior pastor of College Church in Wheaton, IL., president and founder of God Centered Life Ministries, and author of several books including How the Bible Can Change Your Life and John 1-12 For You.


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