Psalm 150: Voluminous Exuberance!

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Psalm 150: Voluminous Exuberance!

July 25, 2018


2 Chronicles 34-36, Psalm 150, Luke 12:49-592 Thessalonians 3:14-18

Psalm 150:

A psalm of voluminous, exuberant praise! Where praise God? Everywhere! Praise God in “his sanctuary” and praise him “in his mighty heavens.” There is nowhere in the universe—mighty heavens meaning the whole universe—where God is not to be praised!

How praise God? With everything! Trumpet, harp, “lyre,” tambourine, dancing, strings, pipe. And with volume! With the clash of cymbals, with “resounding cymbals.”

Who praise God? Everyone!“ Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” This morning, take the time to utter praise to God!

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