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June 4, 2011


1. Rest For the inveterate workaholics the idea of any sort of break can seem faintly guilt inducing. Remember that rest is God’s idea, a creation ordinance, affirmed in the Ten Commandments, and a part of expressing the gospel by resting in God’s sovereignty. So rest. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting up really late (if you have young children that’s never going to happen anyway), but it might mean going to bed early. And perhaps an afternoon nap.

2. Relax

Relaxation is not the same as resting. Relaxation might well involve some pretty vigorous exercise. Or it might involve consciously giving yourself to think through some things in your life in quiet. It might mean ‘getting away from it all’ mentally as well as geographically enough so that you do not have the needs of the office, or the home, constantly consciously on your mind.

3. Renew

Renewal comes from renewal of relationships with God and with those nearest and dearest to you. As made in the image of God we are people who are ‘communal’ beings who wither on the vine of self, and come alive by abiding in the vine that is Christ. Find some time to spend in study of Scripture. And prayer. And conversation with wife, husband, brother, sister, friend.

4. Get fit

Some of you may already be fit.  Keep it going; don’t overindulge in ice cream just because you’re on holiday. Others of you may have burnt the candle so much at both ends this year of work that you’re ready for some serious attention to your body’s well being. You are unlikely to come back from holiday feeling rejuvenated if you have not gone back to a proper exercise regimen. With less pressure, less demands, it’s time for more exercise.

5. Get ready

The clock is ticking and you are soon going to be nose to the grindstone, 24/7, back in the world of constant motion, and little time for forethought or proactive consideration of underlying principles. Now is the time to get your mind and heart ready for the challenges ahead. What is this ongoing issue in your life really about?  What is God in His Word actually saying about this or that matter?  What is the right approach to that opportunity? Etc.

6. Read

Whether it’s iPad, Kindle, or that old fashioned thing that is made from wood (a book), make sure you spend time catching up on reading. My suggestion: take with you one ‘heavy’ book, perhaps a stretching work of Christian literature; and also take with you one ‘light’ book, something that you would read just to give your mind the equivalent of a nice easy stroll down a well lit street. Of course, the challenge is to make sure you read the heavy one as well as the light one.]]>


Josh Moody (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is the senior pastor of College Church in Wheaton, IL., president and founder of God Centered Life Ministries, and author of several books including How the Bible Can Change Your Life and John 1-12 For You.


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