February 10, 2018: Shout for Joy!


February 10, 2018: Shout for Joy!

Today’s Bible Reading: Exodus 27-29Psalm 33Matthew 14:1-21Acts 20:1-12

Psalm 33:

There is something about joy that is “befitting” or suits or goes along with being righteous and “upright.” The Psalms tell us to “shout for joy in the Lord, oh you righteous.” Because those who trust in God are trusting in God, the source of all joy, it is therefore suitable, befitting, compatible, for such people to be joyful. And therefore we are told to “shout” for joy. So much for only quiet singing! No, we are to shout-hear the volume!-to God in praise!

It all comes down to God’s “word” (33:4). This word shows God’s character as “faithful.” It shows that God loves “justice.” It shows that the earth is “full of the steadfast love of the Lord.” That does not mean that nothing bad will ever happen on the earth. It means that anywhere on the earth we can access the steadfast love of the Lord. We can never be outside of the steadfast love of the Lord by pure geographical distance. For the the earth is full of his love.

This word is the creative word (33:6-9). He spoke “and it came to be” (33:9). Such awesome power in God’s word. And people turn to other “tools” to find “power”! With God’s word we are talking about the kind of power that spoke the universe into existence!

The word is the wise word (33:10-12). All other counsel is as nothing. But God’s counsel stands forever. And people turn to other sources of wisdom and strategy! God’s word is the wisdom we need, for it is greater than any other counsel that exists, and that wisdom lasts forever-in all situations and at all times!

What is more, God himself is looking. He “looks down from heaven” (33:13). He is observing the world and its inhabitants. What is he looking for? “Behold the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love” (33:18). Such is the person he “delivers” (33:19).

Therefore, let us fear God, let us trust in his love! God sees such trust and saves us as we trust him!

And because of this we rejoice, we are “glad.” “For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name” (33:21).

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  • Chris and laura jones
    Posted at 05:55h, 10 February Reply

    Lord God our soul waits for you to heal our daughter, be our help and shield as we wait. Shield us from fear, dread, dispair, doubt and guilt. Help us to think true thoughts, your thoughts, help us to see you today, in this. A glad heart feels impossible but we ask for that today; a glad heart as we trust in you, whatever the outcome, we trust your holy name. Thank you that your steadfast love is upon us, and Zinnia, even as we hope IN YOU.

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