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Paul: An Example of Christ’s Unlimited Patience, Part 1

How one man’s life was designed to show us that God can save and use anyone. Sermon Series: Romans – The Gospel of God

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  • The God Centered Church—Apostolic Authority, Part 1
    Sometimes we expect God to interact with us like a GPS. We expect clear directions from the divine to turn left in 50 meters. But we need our understanding of guidance to be rooted in God's Word. This passage in Acts will show us more.Acts 1:12-26
  • The God Centered Church— Empowered Witness, Part 2
    Often people think of being empowered by the Spirit as like plugging into electricity. But really, being empowered by the Spirit is more like the sudden shift in mood when a person of assurance walks into a room and we feel empowered by their presence.Acts 1:1-11
  • The God Centered Church—Empowered Witness, Part 1
    We are asked to be missionaries in our own backyards, and yet we struggle to do so. Remember, the disciples were fishermen and tax collectors—they were not the elite; they were everyday folks that God used to turn the world upside-down.

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