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An Interview with Dr. Paul Nyquist

December 4, 2013


The following article was written for Evangelicals Now and published in their news publication for December 2013. In this month’s column, Josh interviews Dr. Paul Nyquist, president of Moody Bible Institute. JM: What do you love about Moody Bible Institute? PN: Moody is an historic ministry that has been powerfully used by God to expand his kingdom around the world. Throughout its 127-year history, it has remained true to the Word of God, refusing to deviate from its original calling to equip people for vocational Christian ministry. Today, it is reaching more people than ever before in its ministries of education, radio and publishing. Over 3,600 people are currently enrolled in one of Moody’s degree programmes across its system or online. Over one million people tune into a Moody broadcast every week. Over 3.3 million books were sold last year through Moody Publishing, allowing more people to be exposed to the content of God’s Word. It is a joy to be connected with a ministry that has not lost its focus! JM: What are the key opportunities for Moody Bible Institute? PN: As Moody moves into the future, it is seeking to take its mission of equipping people with the truth of God’s Word across the globe, across cultures and across generations. Moody realises its keen obligation to help train Christian leaders in the rapidly growing global church and wants to leverage emerging technology to make that happen. Moody wants to skillfully penetrate cultural lines with the Word of God so that all ethnic groups are equipped for Great Commission ministry. And Moody wants to effectively reach the young people of today who have left the church in sizeable numbers but represent the future of the church. JM: What are the main challenges for Moody Bible Institute? PN: Moody has paid the tuition of its undergraduate students in Chicago for 127 years so that they may enter ministry unburdened by debt. Without a large endowment and without traditional tuition money, Moody remains dependent upon the generous gifts of God’s people to supply a significant portion of its annual budget. In addition to this financial challenge, Moody is seeking to become more agile as an organisation so that it can quickly adapt to a rapidly changing world and remain effective. Finally, because Moody has stations all across America and campuses in three different states, gaining full alignment of the organisation towards strategic goals can be a challenge. JM: How can EN readers pray for Moody Bible Institute? PN: We would covet your prayers in several areas. First, pray that God would continue to meet the financial needs of Moody. Every year is a wonderful adventure as we trust in him. Second, pray that God would give wisdom and discernment to Moody’s Board and leaders as they chart an exciting course for the future. Third, pray for the thousands of students who are training right now at Moody. Pray that God would keep their hearts soft and faith strong as they get equipped by our outstanding faculty. And, finally, pray for those who hear God’s Word proclaimed over Moody Radio. Pray that God would use the airwaves to bring many to faith and encourage believers in their walk in Christ.]]>


Josh Moody (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is the senior pastor of College Church in Wheaton, IL., president and founder of God Centered Life Ministries, and author of several books including How the Bible Can Change Your Life and John 1-12 For You.


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