Advice for Collegians

Greg Hendrickson is the pastor for staff coordination, member integration and college ministry at Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven near Yale University. I’ve known Greg for many years and delight to ...
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Sink, Splutter or Swim – Student Survival 2012

I am pleased to have Dave Gobbett guest blog for me today. Dave is the associate pastor with responsibility for students at Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, in England. Sink, splutter ...
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The Gospel in Contexts

“What hath Athens to do with Jerusalem?” Tertullian’s famous question has remained relevant through the years as the church has grappled with how to respond to the pagan academy. As ...
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Simeon in the USA

The following article was written for Evangelicals Now and published in their news publication for June 2012. A group of pastors gathered in Wheaton, outside Chicago, in May for a three-day course on Bible ...
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A Relationship with Jesus

What does it mean to “have a relationship with Jesus”? And how do you develop it? Christians often talk about having a relationship with Jesus, but it is not always clear ...
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Work at the Crossroads

The story is told of Charles Spurgeon visiting a family.  There was in that household a domestic servant – paid salary – who had recently been converted.  As a faithful ...
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Recent Devotionals