Seven Steps to the Perfect Start to College or University

This month many students are beginning their first year of college or university. Here are seven steps to the perfect start, not only for these new freshmen, but also for ...
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Some Thoughts on Christian Weddings

Two Principles: Marriage is a creation gift from God (Genesis 2:18-25). That means that you don’t have to be a Christian to get the benefit of marriage. This is something that God ...
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1. Rest For the inveterate workaholics the idea of any sort of break can seem faintly guilt inducing. Remember that rest is God’s idea, a creation ordinance, affirmed in the Ten ...
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God-Centered Living

We are made by God. We are not our own. Whether we live abundantly wicked lives, or good old fashioned clean living lives, a life that is not surrendered to ...
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Moody and magnificent!

No Other Gospel (Crossway, 2011) has just been published and I have duly been doing the rounds of radio interviews on Christian radio in the US. They have certainly been fascinating. ...
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No Weddings and a Funeral

A strange complexity For a long time it has been known that this picture has a strange complexity to it: the more educated, while liberal in theory about marriage, actually ...
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