For the Fame of God’s Name and in Honour of a Servant

Josh the booster! Not being one of the contributors to this volume, I feel free to ‘boost’ it and commend it to others to read. Piper, of course, has had ...
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Whence now ‘religious’ politics?

God and politics America has long had a tendency of espousing a connection between God and politics, for various historical reasons obvious to anyone familiar with the founding and early ...
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To change the world

To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy and Possibility of Christianity in the Later Modern World. As I say, I cannot possibly do this book justice in these few words, ...
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The Ideological War in the Aftermath of September 11

This is what I wrote at the time…]]>
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War (New York, 2010) is a specifically non-religious book, but with great relevance to assessments of the effects and experience of war in Afghanistan for American troops. Junger ‘embedded’ himself with ...
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Environmentalism USA

 writes winsomely and captivatingly about his epiphany after his recent exposure to the issue in the Gulf area. Liberal agenda? For some reason, being willing to say that polluting things is ...
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